MINDSET: Self-Love Habits for Biz Owners with Emily Jones


ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Emily Jones, coach and creator of Free Spirit Coaching

I'm Emily Jones, athlete, mama, veteran spouse, and lover of travel. I find that I am at my best when I am working through big changes or new experiences.

After moving 5 times in 6 years across oceans and states, having 3 babies, and consistently having to re-find my community, I was lost. I needed a community of people to help me be me again. Using health as my catalyst, I was able to get back to my roots as a lifelong athlete (basketball, volleyball, high jump, crew, you name it....but volleyball is my love).

Growing up in a pro-athlete family sports were in our blood. When I did this I found my energy, my strength, my ability to be the mom, wife, sister, daughter and woman that I want to be. It's always a work in progress - Many days I feel on top of it all, other days I have to work a little harder. But I now have the mindset + strength to lean into my struggle.

In helping others do the same, I was able to find that fire again. There is a better way to live our everyday than to feel like it's groundhogs day....every damn day. Healthy food does not have to suck, fitness does not have to be complicated, and appreciating small moments can only happen when we appreciate ourselves. 

My vision with Free Spirit Coaching is to spread this love; to empower women to rediscover their own self love and confidence through health and total body wellness. I want my clients to walk away feeling the strength they carry with them every single day to CHOOSE a better way of living. Empowered women empower women, and the positive cycle continues. 

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