Q: what is this place?

A: A membership for women who own businesses or have careers who want to learn how to take charge of their personal branding, style, and image to start attracting the IDEAL clients and customers.

Q: How long is the membership?

A: You pay monthly, so it’s monthly! No annual contracts. You pay ahead of time for the month, so if you stop your membership you finish out your month before your benefits lapse.

Q: What do I get for my $19/month?

A: So so so much!

  • Direct contact with a style and image pro (ahem…me!).

  • 20% off all online courses Style Class™ provides.

  • Private Owner’s Society site access to dozens of video trainings from various image, branding, and style pros.

  • Live video events with your stylist 2x per month.

  • Private group access where you can ask style questions and get picture answers.

  • By-the-season buyable idea boards to guide my lady bosses to looking their best.

  • Frequent group posts built to inspire you to present your best self.

Q: Will the membership always be $19/month?

A: As the benefits grow in the membership, the price may as well. But joining now locks-in your price. Hold on to it, ladies!