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The owner’s society is

the perfect support for lady bosses who are ready to level-up

Here they learn how to leverage style and personal branding so they can naturally attract more clients (higher quality clients) while having more fun getting dressed.


you might be ignoring a key piece of your marketing…everyday.

Your image is part of your marketing, and if you’re ready to level-up, neglecting how you use the tools in your closet isn’t an option anymore.

What if it was easier to get dressed? What if you had a personalized image roadmap for your biz?

The Owner’s Society membership’s stylist support and dozens of trainings on personal branding (marketing, style, social media, and mindset) will have you:

  • Learning why your image directly impacts your confidence in the boardroom.

  • Looking in the mirror and loving what you see.

  • Exuding confidence and feeling like a boss.

  • Easily getting ready again.

  • Getting style questions answered by a pro.

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results are members getting?

Easier mornings

deeper insights into goals

an image that will help reach those goals

knowing how to shop (and actually have fun)

ability to look in the mirror and feel confident

less negative self-talk

Deeper understanding of client psychology

the image that will appeal to ideal clients

Who made this place?

Hi there! I’m Rose Jubb and I’m an image consultant, stylist, and speaker with a background in marketing and psychology that travels the country teaching sales groups how to leverage their image for better results, and even consults with professionals privately. But my heart always comes home to helping my boss lady sisters with my membership and courses.

A huge chunk of your marketing is still in your closet!

Let me teach you how to use it

What’s included?

pro image & style advice for your life & biz

new trainings Weekly

Private FB group access

Live videos 2x/month

exclusive retail discounts

50% off all courses

clickable idea boards

What are the weekly trainings all about?

Personal branding* in all areas of your business!

* Your “personal brand” is another word for your image. It’s everything someone absorbs and then builds assumptions from by being exposed to you, your marketing materials, or online presence. It’s head to toe. Confidence to posture. Clothing to grooming. Branding photography to social media comments.

I have been getting dressed for “work” every morning and using our guidelines, even when I’m only working in our home office. It really has made a difference in my productivity and attitude towards working at home.
— Client Jill W.

Ready to see what members are talking about?

Get your first 14-DAYS FREE NOW!

You get INSTANT access to this private site with trainings and new content (not shared anywhere else), along with so much more, including on-call access to Image Consultant and Stylist in an online group setting.

It’s all designed to boost your confidence, help you present the right image for your business, and start signaling to your IDEAL clients that you’re ready for them.

Wanting to connect with your IDEAL customers or clients - both online and in-person - instantly? Striving to send a message to your market with just a glance, but missing the mark?

There’s a membership that offers training in style, marketing, personal branding, social media, and mindset - YOU JUST FOUND IT.

What’s included?

  • Expert trainings on private site

  • Live access to a style and image expert

  • Exclusive Owner’s Society group access

  • Big-ticket online course discounts

Girl, you are going to be rolling in clients, and not just ANY clients…the right ones!

I can’t wait to get started with you on the other side!

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