What does membership include?

  • Direct contact with a style and image pro (learn about her).

  • 50% off all online courses Style Class™ provides.

  • Private Owner’s Society site access to dozens of video trainings from various image, branding, and style pros - new trainings WEEKLY.

  • Live video events with your stylist 2x per month.

  • Private group access where you can ask style questions and get picture answers.

  • By-the-season buyable idea boards to guide my lady bosses to looking their best.

  • Group posts built to inspire you to be your best self.

What is the result?

  • A clearer outlook on what your clients or customers expect and how to assure them via your online and in-person presentation that you can deliver.

  • Compliments galore! You’ll learn so much about little tweaks to your style and feel more inspired to try them out.

  • The ability to look in the mirror and feel confident (with less negative self-talk).

  • Less confusion when shopping and less stress when dressing.

  • The ability to look in the mirror and see you…5-years from now…super successful, and knowing the steps you’re taking everyday will get you to her.